Kevin Killian’s Stage Fright

It’s true. Kevin Killian’s selected plays drops now.

Drawing from the late 1980s to the early 2010s, this is the first representative selection of Killian’s plays. Once describing his productions as a form of “blanket permission,” Killian added, “I think people might come away thinking, I could do that! Isn’t that the best kind of work, something generative? Action painting was sort of like that…” This is a book to read, where reading means catching some action.

Kevin Killian is the author of more than forty plays. His collaborative poets theater works include Stone Marmalade (1996, with Leslie Scalapino), The American Objectivists (2001, with Brian Kim Stefans), and, with Barbara Guest, Often (published in a limited edition by Kenning Editions in 2001). Killian and David Brazil are coeditors of The Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater: 1945-1985 (2010).

In a recent interview, Killian says: “Next month, Kenning Editions of Chicago will publish STAGE FRIGHT: Plays from San Francisco Poets Theater, ten of my own plays written over decades, roughly from the years 1985-2018. The SF Poets Theater is an ad hoc group not only of poets, but of filmmakers, painters, artists, designers, musicians too, and I’m the head of it—well, the de facto head at any rate.”

Procure your copy via subscription to Kenning Editions. A whole batch of other great books comes along with it.

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