Signing off…

Since the last Festival of Poets Theater in 2018, our primary venue–Chicago’s Sector 2337– closed its doors. Devin King, my primary co-curator, moved to another timezone altogether. And a fledgling 2019 festival commissioned for its Los Angeles debut was indefinitely delayed. Then, the global pandemic shuttered practically all in-person gatherings. As much as I would like to see the festival continue, I have been and expect to continue being preoccupied with publishing, teaching, and other priorities. So I have decided to let this website disappear also. It will do so in November of this year (2021).

Before it does, please take some time to peruse this capsule history of the festival. Many artists worked very hard to sustain the phenomena of poets theater in these years. And I hope all of this work will spur more work, anywhere it seems necessary and inspiring, in the future.

There is also a batch of videos still available on our Vimeo page.

–Patrick Durgin

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